Craig Aubrey


About me

I am a Computer Games (Design) Honours Graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University. I have always had passion for the industry and wanted to have my own input into the creation of games. I love to expand my creativity on projects and also create ways to help others in a more beneficial way through gamification.


I am an assistant manager in KFC UK. With this position, I have a lot of experience in working as part of a team to achieve a goal. My project management skills have been pushed greatly as I am an active manager on my shifts and therefor in charge of all the staff on top of being aware of what is happening throughout the store to make sure we never run out of product.



I have attended a few game jams held within GCU and feel these are a great way to  expand your skills, learn new skills and collaborate with others.


Global Game Jam 2015- "The Room"

Jam Today 2014- Code Runner

Jam Today 2015- Notmario's Nightmare

Ludum Dare 41- Ball-Dash Arcade

NextGen Awards: Wheatley's World



My skills in this field have been growing from a young age as I have always drawn as far back as I can remember. I then transferred these skills into my love of fantasy and gaming. I turned to learning more design aspects by creating characters, level designs and then practicing coding through university and self teaching.


I have used Unity 3d for almost all of my gaming projects. From this my experience with the software has been growing through university projects as well as game jams and solo projects. Within Unity 3d, I have learned to comfortably use c# coding language with a bit of c++.


During website courses, I have learned mySQL for databases and used HTML5 and CSS for the design and creation of websites.


I have used Unreal engine 4 for one project within university. This project was based around level design and was made for the sole purpose of learning level design and was therefore not made as a playable game.


From my love of drawing through my life, I have then used this to create assets for games by recreating in photoshop or creating a 3D version of the asset in 3Ds Max.



Due to demand of projects to be created within the time given for projects within university and in game jams, I have increased my skills in rapid prototyping to fit the needs of the team. This includes creating basic levels to edit, evaluating the play experience and finding, reporting and fixing errors that have or may occur.


My leadership skills have been growing since the end of 2015 when I was considered for a promotion within my work. From this I have taken control of shifts by being the active manager, handled the money for the store and on top of having my teamwork skills being pushed, I have also had to resolve a number of conflicting situations.