Craig Aubrey

Forget me

This was a project made with the theme of David Eagleman's short story Metamorphosis from the book 40 tales from the afterlife.

In this short story, people are stuck in a pargatory state until their name is spoken for the last time amongst the living.

With this idea, we created a game where the player goes back and tries to get people to forget them so they can pass through purgatory and be at peace.

The player must avoid others while removing items that remind people of them. If they are seen, they are remembered and must restart the level.


level - (house level):

The house level was designed to give the impression that the character lived here and the family was still living here. The house was made to give a “lived in” theme with rips in the carpets and the usual items people would have in a home. This level consisted of 2 floors which had to be resized due to having too much open space. After it was resized, the Assets started to get placed to make the usual rooms people have in a house like bedrooms, offices and living rooms. The AI was then added to specific rooms and specific paths to make them seem like this was the room they would belong to and so the level wasn’t too easy to just walk through without encountering any enemies. When all AI paths had been set, additional assets got placed so the space looked less empty and there wasn’t as much space to move around/ away from AI paths to make the player need to use hiding spaces and check paths before using them. We had to make sure the stairs lined up on both floors and make the specific points of the stairs link to the corresponding point on the other floor.


level - (gym level):

The gym level was designed as it is another location a lot of people have as a regular visiting place. With that in mind, we thought about creating a gym scene as it could fit into our theme with the regular visitors of the gym being the characters that would know the player. We took the local leisure centre into consideration when creating this having a gym with weights and treadmills, a swimming pool with changing rooms and a sauna. Instead of using hiding places within this scene like the hiding barrels, we used the treadmills where an enemy walks up and down between a row of outfacing treadmills and looks up and down the spaces so that the player would need to watch where the AI was going to look to see which spaces they can hide in to get past.

Level - (Main menu):

This was created using a background image which tries to convey a dark theme to the player from the moment the start the game and uses images as the buttons which then change to having a “blood splatter” design over the button when the mouse hovers over the image to try and convey the “death” part of our game from the start.


level - (Credits):

This scene was made to have 3D text have a force upwards past a camera and have a back button to the main menu that works the same way as the menu buttons. Images with text the same font as the menu buttons was then made to the same as each line of the credits. The images were then added to the objects with the upwards force and the text removed so the images worked as the text for the credits.

gym layout gym level

Gym Level

House downstairs House upstairs

House Level

main menu

Main Menu



Within this project, I designed the house and gym levels, programmed the credits and main menu & created some of the assets for our scenes.


The levels were thought out on paper first, then done on paint/ photoshop for a layout before implementing into unity. This gave me a clear vision of how i wanted the levels to look, where AI's should move and see & also where any hiding areas should be to make the levels completable without making them too easy.


The levels were designed to have a flow from easy to hard between my levels and the other designers' levels. This was made easier to us by implementing different floors within the levels that the player must clear and also by making some levels more linear than others.

The original version of the game can be downloaded here for windows which was made to impliment all features and level layout.

The further developed version of the game can be downloaded here for windows and here for mac which designed each level in more detail

These are some of the early playtests we done with some youtubers from around the world. From this we learned about the lighting issues and minor bugs around some maps and textures.