Craig Aubrey

Great Guardian

This interactive story was created as part of our interactive storytelling coursework within the Computer Games Design course. We got shown a variety of storytelling aplications used by people within the industy and settled on twine2.0 for our game. We chose this software as it was programmable to add features we would like for our game, pictures can be shown and you can see the layout of the story, making it easier to edit if needed.


For the coursework, we got shown the image of "The garden of earthly delights" by Bosch (shown on the right). From this, we were told to constuct an interactive story using the image as a reference of inspiration.


There was so much happening in this image that it was very possible everyone would come up with different inspirations for their story. Our group of 3 designers focussed on the right hand side of the image which seems to depict death and war.

From a few cut outs of the image, we were able to start putting together our story.


The image on the right shows the top half of the right section which we felt would give a good depiction of a midieval war. We then looked further into it, seeing an image of a farm land, soldiers riding animals and carrying banners and lastly we seen a burning castle.


From these cuttings from the full image, we decided to follow a slightly modified path of the hero's journey.


Story progression through the Hero’s journey template:


1. Existing in the ordinary world.

    - Countryside, living on farm type style thing

2. Call to Adventure

    - Main City under attack

    - Find fathers journal

    - called up by military?

3. Refusal to the call

   - Refuses because he is a 'wimpy' kid and not a soldier

4. Meeting the mentor

   - Taken by the army to the Barracks, meets dad's brother

      who takes him under his wing?

5. Crossing the first threshold

   - first fight, he is one of the few survivors, they get brutally


   - training montage…

6. tests, allies, etc

   - Major fights

   - turn in the tide

   - 2nd war (loss, need fathers tactics)

   - 3rd fight (win or lose?)

7. The approach

   - Defend the main city

   - prepare the defence

   - Take command?

8. The ordeal

   - meeting point where all the players choices come to a

      definitive end…

9. on the ground? fighting the boss etc, Leader Vs Uncle, he is

   brutally decapitated (blood goes everywhere)

   - Choices

Capture Capture1 Capture2

Theon Dokorahn


Theon is the main protagonist of the interactive story and this is the character the player’s choices will impact his life. The story begins with Theon waking up in his farm house where he has lived for the majority of his life after his mother ran away from the “Main City” after your father was killed during a battle. Before Theon gets drafted to fight in the war he is a very quiet and self-centered kid, this is due to him not having any siblings to grow up with and spending most of his time tending to his family's farmland. He would wear old worn out clothes since his family wanted to blend in with the others. However after this training and the subsequent wars, Theon would begin to carry himself differently and would wear his father's old armor. He would feel a sense of pride walking throughout the city since he just led his city to a victory. Theon would go through many different journeys throughout the story after your village being attacked by the dark evil elves, he runs to the barracks while being wounded from the battle. After training for a month, Theon finds himself in the middle of the battle for taking back his homeland. However, the plan backfires and the main cities army had to retreat causing Theon to make the decision to save one of his friends or some of the regiment of his men. Rumours then scatter around the barracks  of Theon and his friends discussion of the failed battle plan and how he would have adapted it. This leads to Theon being introduced into the discussions of the final wars battle plans and how they can defeat the enemy. However Theon’s journey throughout the game ends on a sour note as he attempts to save his king's life while in a battle with Fahdril(The Dark Evil Elf) which sadly means he loses his life.


Valinna Dokorahn


Valinna is the mother of the main protagonist in the story. Valinna met Theons father when he was just a private within the army's ranks and they were together for years. She went through all the troubles with Aghon(Theons father) as he rose throughout the ranks and enjoyed all the perks of it. However when she got the news of Aghon’s death, she knew there would be a backlash from the public since Aghon started a war against an enemy that everyone knew they were more powerful and smarter. This forced Valinna to run away with a young Theon for their own safety. By the time the story begins however Valinna has been living in the farm for years and has become accustomed to the lifestyle but she did not expect how her life would turn out, during the battle which sees Theons village getting overrun and captured by the enemy, Valinna is brutally murdered by one of the Elven soldiers.


Asgeir "The Commander"


Asgeir is the commanding officer of the “Main Cities” army e.g. the highest ranking member. Asgeir was your father’s best friend and his most trusted ally during the wars they fought in. They met during the first stage of training and were friends ever since. Asgeir was the reason Valinna and Theon were able to escape from the Main City, he ushered them out of their home and into a horse and carriage during the night. After Aghon died during a battle, Asgeir quickly rose the ranks throughout the army to become the new commander. His great mental knowledge and raw physical skill with a sword made him very popular with the higher ranked officers. Throughout the interactive story, Asgeir becomes a key part of Theon’s journey. Through player choices he can become the first person that Theon meets when he arrives at the training complex and he is the person that takes on Theon’s advice and uses it throughout the wars. Asgeirs journey lasts to the final moments of the interactive story as the final chapter concludes with him, Bjerg and a few royal guards defending the king. This is where Asgeir falls to his death after trying to protect you and the king from elven soldiers.




Bjerg is one of the two friends that Theon meets during his time at the training complex. Out of the three friends Bjerg is the most energetic, driven and sometimes immature one, expecting the most from himself at all times. He is very passionate about fighting in the war since his father and all of his brothers have previous experience in the army. Bjerg grew up within the main cities walls, surrounded by his huge happy family. He was so driven to join the army due to his family always discussing their own stories about war at the dinner table and seeing all his grandfathers and fathers medals in a portrait on the wall. This is what makes Bjerg so passionate about fighting to defend his city. Bjerg, out of the three friends, was the only soldier to actually volunteer his time to fight for the city. During fights Theon is forced to keep a close eye on Bjerg since he is not a great fighter, this means that the player often has the opportunity to save Bjerg from elven soldiers, however a turning moment within the interactive story is when Theon is given the choice of saving Bjerg who got himself trapped under a collapsing and burning house or cause the death of men from your barracks by asking them for help.




Skulvar is the other friend that Theon meets during his time at the training complex. Skulvar is the quiet one of the group of friends, however he is seen as the most noble and intelligent one therefore when Skulvar speaks, everyone listens to what he has to say. Skulvar, like Theon, grew up on a farm close to the cities walls, in a farmhouse with his mother, father and sister. Being able to see the huge city walls from his family's land was a huge motivator for Skulvar to one day live within the city. So when he heard about the war he thought that it would be a huge opportunity to live out his dream. Skulvar was a great swordsmen out of the three friends due to being trained by his father since a young age. Skulvar believed that the only way you could achieve things in life is by accomplishing them yourself, this was a trait passed down from his father since he had been forced out of the army before he was born. This is why Theon sees Skulvar as a very distant person. However throughout the interactive story, Theon learns that Skulvar can become a trusted ally and will forever have his back. An example of this is during chapter 4 when Skulvar and Theon are surrounded by elven soldiers and there is no escape and they use teamwork and their fighting skills to escape from the enemy.


Using Twine

None of the team had used twine before this coursework so as other members in the team researched other interactive stories, I looked into the functionality of the software. Through this, I was able to add health to characters, giving us a way to implement  fighting with meaning behind it. Choices also played a big part of this story so we made sure the choices were implemented correctly to make sure no one would cross over paths or loop around by choosing certain paths like we found on other projects through research.


swords 12180939_1087839697895714_792881889_o

To give a midieval feel to this game along with a fantasy theme (such as Lord Of The Rings). Me and another designer came up with a few core concept designs each to represent weaponry and characters. My images are shown here.

The weapons shown here were created with the fantasy theme from LOTR such as a spiked dagger or long bladed, machete like sword.


The character was created to show how the soldiers in our story were to be imagined as.

Play the game

The game is now playable on at:

or can be downloaded from here