Craig Aubrey

Forget me [House]


Firstly I wanted to make sure all designers and artists on this project were trying to get the same idea of the level layout we were going for.

level design research 2 level design research 1

We looked into different styles of 2D playing that we could use for such a game, and based our research on the 2 main images shown here. The first from Metal Gear Solid: Secret santa; This game showed the type of theme we were wanting for our game. The second game researched gave me a clear and quick way to design levels before implementation. This save us time through prototypes.

basic level layout house level 1 house level 2

Because of this new way of prototyping my ideas, I started off with a pixel editor and created the image to the right. This was going to be the basic layout for the house level. Each colour represented a different type of tile asset to be placed in that area; with black and grey being paths and walls, red being AI paths, light green as pickups and brown being doors.

After talking through initial layouts, the next step was to further develop these ideas and for quickness in this prototyping stage, MS paint was used.

This image showed the rest of the team what each colour stood for, where AI paths, hiding places and pick ups would be, and also showed the first implementation of the stairs feature. This had never been used before this level's creation.


The images were made to have the same number of pixels for height and width so we knew exacty how many tiles accross and up each level would be. This helped us when it would come to matching the upstairs and downstairs areas to give a realistic feel to the house. This also ensured that stairs would align perfectly wouthout being mismatched by a few tiles and any direction.



Picture1 Picture2

From the prototypes given to artists, assets were then made by both them and the designers. After the assets/ tiles were created, Implementation began. The above images show the results of the House level after implementaion of all assets. ALL AI's had their paths layed out. Lighting was placed to give the house a realistic look. Tiles with tears were added with spacing to show usual wear and tear for the floors. Extra assets were then added, to give the feeling that people were still living here and using this as their home, such as the beds, couches, TV and even plants.