Craig Aubrey

Match 'em

This is a game made for my Psychology of Design module. The theme was to create a game based on inside out for people aged around 10 and do play tests with them at their primary school to further develop the game.

Our team decided the best course of action would be to create a matching card game to help people with autism beable to understand emotion more. Research into autism showed people on the spectrum found it hard to pick up on what emotions people were expressing.


Our hope with this project was to help people detect what emotions people were expressing faster and more accurate.


We started looking into the descriptions of facial expressions, took note of the inside out characters and found a few real faces to express the same emotion as the characters while keeping to the descriptions.


The first time we tested with the children, me and 1 other member of my team attended to test their speed of recognition,  if they could link the characters to the correct name. We then tested the matching card game, where we turned all cards upside down and got them to turn 2 over at a time and try linking names to real face emotions.


A full report of our finding while doing these experiments can be viewed here.