Craig Aubrey

Notmario's Nightmare

This game was made as part of the game jam "Jam Today 2015". The theme was healthier lifestyle and got narrowed down by the quote "and they lived healthier ever after".

From this quote, we made a mobile based game where the player must make the character exercise while increasing their own peripheral vision and curing lazy eye more.

We looked into Ubisoft Montreal's game "Dig Rush" which uses red and blue colours at the same time so if anyone used 3D glasses with the blue and red lenses, it makes the eyes only pick up on the parts in the game with the colour of the lens. Taking this into consideration, we started to design Notmario's Nightmare.

In this game, you keep track of the pulsing purple dot in the centre of the screen while performing two tasks at once ( 1 movement, 1 touching). The fact you need to keep your eyes centred at the dot while knowing what tasks to perform at each side, helps to grow your peripheral vision.


The comic strip story above, was created by our artist as an intro for the game to give an insight about the character before playing.


To help lazy eye, we made one character side red and one character side blue to make both eyes have to work together at the same time.


Our team consisted of 1 designer(me), 1 artist (Heather Sannachan) and 1 programmer (Alex MacDiarmid). We had help through this by William Norvel who created the music for us during the event which you can hear here at his soundcloud.


If youd like to see the result of this game after the game jam, you can download the APK here.