Craig Aubrey

Teaching quiz

This game started as a project for 'Jam today 2014' and was originally called Code Runner. The theme this year was to create a game to teach people programming.

From this theme, we made a game where a character is always moving across the top of buildings and gets asked a multiple choice question when they reach the edge of the building. If they answer correct, they keep moving and get a point. If they answer wrong, they lose 1 of 3 lives. The game ends when player either reaches 10 points or when they run out of lives.


This game is easy to adjust to make it helpful to any subject. After starting work at KFC, I used my knowledge gained within the role to help my co-workers by applying my skills and changing the game into one which helps KFC workers. It currently shows people how to make burgers to teach them how to make them and so they all know what goes into each burger.

code runner KFC learning

Download the game jam game here