Craig Aubrey

The "Room"

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2015. This game jams theme was "what do we do now?".


To go with this theme, we created a game where players would recieve instructions from a computer that shows the functions of the controller and the headset. After all functions have been shown, the PC crashes and players are left sitting with no instructions.


"What do we do now?"

The player can then use the actions on the controller to stand up and start moving around the room. There are multiple working interactions within this room that the player can go and find.


This game was made for Windows   OS, using Unity 3d, with an Oculus rift development kit v2 and an Xbox 360 controller.


The floors and walls have a normal map to create texture on the scene and make them look like realistic tiles and bricks.




Within this project, I worked with 2 other designers to come up with the story behind the game and the setting. I was in charge of level design and was also part of the implementation.